Monday, May 20, 2013 is the only Live Contact Leads - Any other site claiming to be Live Contact Leads is a Competitor using our Name

It has come to out attention that one of our competitors has created a website with our name with their phone number.  I am not going to name names or direct you to the site because that would just be plain silly.  All I can say is if the phone number isn't 866-256-6348, then it's not us.  It's kind of funny that this has happened.  It actually places a lot of value in what we are doing.  For them to take the time to build a site on a like domain, to try and take traffic from us.  

Best Regards,
Michael Bendett 
Live Contact Leads 
ph 866-256-6348 ext. 101   | fax 866-256-6295

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