Thursday, October 15, 2015

Simplifying the B2B Sales Process by Live Contact Leads

Remember during the early years of school where you have to connect the items on column A with the items from column B and make the perfect match? It’s similar with the B2B process, similar to pitching business loan leads. It’s all about finding the right match, the right connection, or the ideal solution and marketing yourself to them.

Come to think of it, this has been going on for decades, the dawn of the internet may have changed the platform but the rule of the game is still the same, connect the right item from column A to column B.

It’s all about finding the right connection or connecting with the right buyer. That’s what B2B is all about. If sellers do extensive research online for their targeted markets, don’t you think buyers do that also?  They research products, join forums, read reviews and do more research before deciding on which one to buy.

Let’s face it, this process can be very tasking and uninspiring for both parties. But you can get around this by tweaking your marketing plan.  

Build your List
Either you do it by going through business cards, stalking them on Linkedin or Facebook, or Googling them you will get names of potential clients. Searching 50 names of CEOs  or companies daily will eventually build you a good solid list that you could cold call or develop live insurance transfer leads.

The Selection Process
How do your separate the hot leads from the cold ones? Send them emails with a quick 5-question form that will trigger a flag on your end. Or give them a call and ask those questions yourself. Calling your potential clients and asking them questions is the best way to get the information you need to build your marketing plan.  

After your calls, separate the motivated buyers from the undecided ones. Having a long list of names doesn’t mean you’ll get a big chunk of the sales.  Truth be told, working through a carefully selected pool of motivated buyers will give you a more profitable yield over a mixed list of  decided and undecided clients.  

When they Reply or Call Back
The people whom you have called all have personal or business needs, if your current product doesn’t meet their needs you still haven’t lost because you’ve made a connection. Make it also your goal to get a referral from them and not just to make a sale.  

If you successfully booked a meeting then this is the time to prepare your pitch. Do your research, it’s not enough to know your product, but it also pays to know more about your client and his business.

Simplifying the B2B Sales Process

Meeting with the Client
Set up your goals before the meeting. Know what your client is looking for, what’s their budget, who is the key decision maker, are there any special needs or perks that you can make happen for them during the purchasing process? Be their solution.

When All Goes Well
Now that you’ve shown him your product and your client gave  positive signals, it’s time to set up the stage for your next move. Here are some them;
  • You may request your client to test your product.
  • Request for a meeting with the decision maker.
  • Request more information about their account that wasn’t available to you.

Seal the Deal
Once you have established with your client that you have the product or the solution that they’re looking for, be confident enough to ask for their account. If you did your homework well, and you’re able to answer all their questions, most likely they will agree to trust you with their account.

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