Friday, June 8, 2012

20% closing on Final Expense Leads!

Final expense is my number one, one man show vertical that keeps coming back to us.  It is possible to close 20% of these leads.  Season veteran could kill it.  How much would you pay for a live person on the phone interested in your product?  Internet leads, you need 2 just to talk to someone at $30 a piece.  You have 20% to 30% of these calls go over 5 minutes!  Nothing is cheaper than live transfers and more effective. has it down to a science.  Give me a ring 754.300-6892.

Best Regards,

Michael Bendett 
Live Contact Leads
5645 Coral Ridge Dr. Suite #128
Coral Springs, FL 33076 
ph 866-256-6348 ext. 101   | fax 866-256-6295

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