Thursday, April 11, 2013

Live Transfer Leads Generation Tip - Answer the phone -

One of the most amusing parts of running a live transfer leads generation business is getting to listen to all the different pitches you hear.  Some are good and some are bad.  Some are very amusing.  Too many times I hear the sales person just letting the buyer take control of the conversation.  I wonder, who is selling who?  Is the buyer selling themselves out of the deal or is the sales person not even trying?  

I feel it is essential for the sales person to take control of the conversation from the beginning.  Now I ''m not talking about not letting the buyer talk.  I'm talking about guiding the conversation.  I always talk about splitting the conversation into 4 parts.  The greeting, pre-qualifying, pitch and close.  Everyone forgets about the greeting portion.  I never say how may I help you.  I called a company, OMG Fast and they answered, " This is OMG Fast, How can we speed up your day?"  Gave me a little chuckle.  Some companies thank you when you call, which I always like.  Who doesn't?  If you are getting a live transfer, answer like " Thank you for transferring, this is Michael, can I ask who I am speaking with?"  Then I tell them what I am going to do, " Thank you Michelle, I'm going to ask you a few question to make sure you qualify for this special program."  I like to reiterate what motivated them for the call in the first place.  "What motivated you to transfer to us today?"  Slip that in as your 1st or 2nd question.  Listen carefully.  This will tell you what to emphasize on your pitch.  

Next time you are pitching someone from a live transfer lead, remember, someone might be listening and getting a good laugh at of it.  LOL!  

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  1. Well these live leads sure will help me answer the phone. Which is probably needed to keep parts of my social life intact.