Friday, May 10, 2013

To Leave a Message or Not To Leave a Message

Has  anyone ever got tired of leaving messages and not getting a return call?  I think all of us salesman(saleswoman) has felt this way.  Dialing just to leave a message.  With live transfer leads, you get the prospect on the phone, right then and there with an interest.  Sometimes, they won't buy right then and there and we need to do a call back.  

Question is, if we get voice mail, do we leave a message?  The way I look at it is that there are a couple variables in play that we need to address before we make a decision.  We want to get them on the phone.  Check out below.

  • Consumer or Business - I would treat these different.  I would not leave a voice mail on a consumer line.  Most times, you are calling a cell phone and if someone misses a call, there is a good chance they will call back to see who called them.  For a business,  I would leave a message.  You want to stay in front of your clients as much as possible so you need a good hook in the message.  I used to say "I was checking to see if you got the updated price list, those wammajammas are on sale, call me back to go over the special pricing for you..."  Did they call back?  If they needed wammajammas at a good price, then yes.
  • 1st call - I never leave a message on someones voice mail if I plan to call them again later that day.  I do tend to harass prospects sometimes.  As long as I get a disposition, I am good.  I am amazed how many people call my business and don't leave a message.  
To sum up things, if you sell insurance to consumers, do not leave a message on a cell phone.  If it's a home phone, make a judgement call.  I don't call any solicitor back that has called my home line.  If it's a business, leave a voice mail if you think they will call back from it.  If it's in the morning, don't.  Try them again.  I have only seen someone being successful in sales when they are persistent.   

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  1. It's hard to say if you always should or always shouldn't because you never know how people are going to respond. For instance, did they not call back because they really didn't get your message or did they not call back because they weren't interested even though you gave it your all in the voice mail. It's a fine line to walk.