Friday, May 8, 2015

The Truth About Per Minute Dialing and What is the Questions You Need To Ask When Doing VB at a Per Minute Rate

I wanted to write an article of per minute billing as it pertains to voicebroadcasting and live phone leads.  

What is per minute billing on a dialer?

When someone tells you that they are charging you x per minute, you first questions needs to be, What are the increments?  Such an important question.

Why?  One vendor could be selling at 1.2 cents per minute billing at 30 second increments and another vendor could charge 4.25 cents per minute at 6 second increments.  Which is a better deal?  Most people would say the 1.2 cents per minute, it have a lower per minute rate, so you are paying less?  

WRONG.  You are paying way more.  We call it a bait and switch.  I'll explain.  Per minute billing is the billing of all the phone calls the dialer makes to get to that person who transfers through.  So a lot of people will hang up right away and you will still be charged that full 30 seconds of a minute.

With 6 second billing, you are only billed for the first 6 seconds of the call (just like if you made a long distance call).  So that call would cost .6 cents while at the 1.2 cents per minute, 30 second increments.  If at 4.25 cents per minute at 6 second billing increments would be .425 per hangup.  I actually heard of a company charging the first minute at 60 second increments and 30 second increments afterward.  Means you pay at least 1.2 cents a call no mater if they are on the phone for 3 seconds or 57 seconds.  Doesn't matter if your is .07.

Why would anyone change the increments?  To make more money.  It's not a bad strategy.

If you are not educated, you can end up paying way more.

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