Thursday, May 14, 2015

Don't Be Fooled By Per Minute Billing on a Dialer for Live Transfer Leads, Live Phone Leads or Live Sales Leads

Live Sales Leads by the minute?  What does that mean?  Per minute?  

There are competitors out there selling live phone leads on a per minute basis.  You are basically paying for all the calls the dialer is making to get to those prospects who listen to the message and transfer through.  My thoughts on per minute dialing is that you need your own lists.  If you are getting your lists for free, you are getting the free data and everyone is harassing those lists.

What set's Live Contact Leads apart is that we charge per transfer.  We have some skin in the campaign. We need to make sure you get some transfers, not just run a dialer and ask for money when there is no funds left. Live Contact Leads sees your campaign through, to try and adjust the campaign during to achieve the best results with your live sales leads.

Per minute billing just means that you bought minutes on the dialer with a free data list.  When you pay per transfer, we want to put the best data in, so it take less dials to get to a transfer, hence less cost to make live transfer leads.  

Live Sales Leads by Live Contact Leads

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  1. Awesome Article. Really helps to see why per minute billing is not right.