Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Health Insurance Leads anyone? How is the health insurance industry looking now?

First I want to congratulate anyone who has kept selling health insurance over the last 2 years.  Your time has now come.   It has been a crazy stretch over here.  Last year, all I kept hearing was, "I'm getting out of the health insurance business."  I heard every excuse in the book.  Such a change in tune, now that health care reform is here and those who stuck it out are going to make more money then they ever have known.

"It's going to be a free for all."  One of my largest clients told me this yesterday.  My health insurance business had expanded 10 fold and it is still growing.  These are not one and out.  They are residual business. Being a lead vendor and a salesman, it's music to my ears.

Health insurance leads, live transferred to your phone at the peak of interest have the highest closing rate. We can get them interested in what you have, health insurance, by creating the need.  Give our health insurance live leads a shot.  We will make you a residual client as well.

Health Insurance Leads

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