Friday, September 29, 2017

Voicemails Kills Your Sales- Know Why?

Voicemails Kills Your Sales

Virtually, all businesses in the world today are facing stiff competition from each other owing to which it is increasingly becoming important for businesses to device methods of retaining their already gained customers. Consequently, keeping constant contact with potential customers is a key essential in ensuring that old customers stick with you and help advertise your product and services to other customers. Pursuit to this, many questions arise as to the viability of voicemails as a means to maintain seller versus buyer link.

As many would agree, the use of voicemail in delivering intended message was sometimes useful but it is no longer now. The modern technologies has availed new methods like the use of emails or other social media services such as Whatsapp or LinkedIn as an alternate communication method to reach the sales team even when out in office. While still these channels do not offer for instant response, laying down information in an understandable manner is easy. On the contrary, customers put on voicemail often despair and leave without leaving a message and it is likely to lose them.

Customers who require to be attended urgently are also lost to other competitors if prompted to voicemail services. They feel neglected and cannot trust leaving their messages under voicemail or more still, their needs cannot wait longer. As a matter of fact, customers in the first place will be seeking to call so that they can affirm on some important features on products and services they would want accorded to them thus preferring one-to-one talk; deviating from this kills their trust and inclines them to seek for an alternative.

Voicemail kills the interest of your potential customers especially when they have to keep calling. On your part it is hectic for you to keep on calling them back.

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