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Before making a cold call, salespeople must first locate the lead's direct line or, if that is not accessible, the business's main number. There are numerous ways to obtain this information. Here are a few efficient methods for locating a lead’s business contact information. 

Check the Individual's Email Signature 

Check the email signature of the lead if you have been in contact with them via email to see whether they have included their phone number along with information such as their job title, address, company name, etc. Business executives routinely use this strategy, so you should succeed in using it. 

Check in the business’s website 

A company's website is a fantastic location to start your search for phone numbers, especially the main line, as the majority of companies use their website to make it easier for customers to find and get in touch with them. In addition to simply looking for phone numbers on relevant sites, you could also fill out a contact form asking for the lead's contact or perhaps even contact the main line and request for it directly. 

Invest in a tool for lead database 

You can access a B2B or B2C lead lead lists database, also known as a prospecting tool, for a monthly fee, though some offer a free option. It is a repository of company and employee contact information. These are not for you if all you need is a single person's phone number. However, if you frequently need cell phone numbers lead list when compiling prospecting lists for your outreach, it would be wise to make a purchase. 

Use a tool for reverse email lookups 

An online program known as a "reverse email lookup tool" allows you to discover a contact's phone number from their email address. To utilize one, you just enter the lead's email address into a search box, hit submit, and you'll get their contact details. Many of these programs provide a free version, but some require a monthly subscription. 

Lookup phone books online 

Data on millions of people are kept in online phone directories. To see whether they have any information about your person of interest, it may be worthwhile to inquire. White pages are one of the most effective and reliable web directories for obtaining someone's cell phone number. 

Request it from the Person Directly 

Ask the potential customer directly if they're interested in a phone call to explore how your business offering can help them. Cold email or direct messages on social media are two possible outreach techniques.

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