Monday, November 7, 2016

Why prefer to buy live transfer insurance leads

Live transfer insurance leads

Today many insurance lead generation companies sell insurance leads. Almost all these companies promise that they sell only high quality leads but it is not 100% truth.  Leads provided by some companies don’t come in the category “real and high quality”. But there are few good lead generation companies which offer real, high quality and live transfer insurance leads, Live Contact Leads is one of them.

Here it will be important to understand that why insurance companies or agents should prefer to buy live transfer insurance leads? Well! There are many reasons to buy live transfer insurance leads. One of the main reasons is live transfer is inbound calls that convert over ten times more than clicks. Also, live transfer leads are directly sent to the insurance company or agent and they don’t have to race with various other companies for same leads.

According to a marketing research more than 75% of all sales go to the first company which talks to the lead. So if you buy live transfer leads from reputed lead generation company like Live Contact Lead then you can convert maximum prospects into actual customer and can maximize your income.

If you are interested to buy live transfer insurance leads from Live Contact Leads then call at 866-256-6348 or mail at, the executive of the company will respond you as soon as possible.

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