Monday, December 28, 2015

Ten ways small businesses can use social media to generate leads

Based on the research conducted by LinkedIn, 94% of small businesses are using social media for marketing purposes while three are out of five small- to medium-sized businesses who claimed that they’ve gained additional customers by utilizing social media platforms. In Facebook alone, there are more than 1.39-billion active users and this means there are a lot of potential customers that you can are able to reach. The key here is to determine the most relevant leads and eventually to reach out to them properly.

Take a look at the following effective ways when using social media for generating leads for your business:

Targeting the right audience

Being a small business, try to focus on your outreach efforts on potential new customers. There are a lot of user information on social media that you make use of. You should target the most relevant people who are the right fit for the product or service you are offering.

Using analytics

Social media are now equipped with analytics tools. First, it can help you find out more target customers by showing you who is posting content or hash tags that are relevant to your business. Analytics are also important in providing you feedback about what content that audiences respond well to. By knowing these things, you are able to refine your strategy in order to maximize your impact.

Try to use influencers

While using influencers may cost you money, it is also another option that you may have to consider. As an SMB, you may have limited financial resources to put into social media marketing. So, try to weigh such option first. In some industries such as parenting, fashion, or food, influencers can significantly help push your product or service.

Providing appropriate content

Be aware of the various guidelines of different social media platforms. For example, the length and the type of content that you are going to post will depend on a particular social media as well as your business goals. See to it that your content will match those goals. I always suggest a post that would stimulate an emotional response that would turn into live transfer leads

Live Transfer Leads

Measure effectively

Utilize the right metrics in order to reach your goals. You’ll see an improvement in your ROI if this is done correctly. For instance, when you try to measure lead generation success, you can check your followers, sales, or traffic to your site from social media as your metrics. Identifying which one to use will give you the right information on how you’ve measured up.

Providing value to your audience

Give your audience something that is valuable to them. Whether it is a promotional offer, try to provide them helpful or interesting content. With this, you can have a more engaged and loyal followers.

Be active

Being active in social media means not just updating your own page, but also participating in discussions of your own followers and see where you can provide personalized value.

Generating Live Transfer Leads

Generating new leads on social platforms can be a challenging task for any company especially if you’re is an SMB. For best results, first, you have to identify where your customers and target demographics are most active. After knowing such information, maximize your presence in those areas.

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