Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marketing Tips: Habits That Turns Your Leads Into Sales by Live Contact Leads

Every businessman's dream is to convert hot and cold leads into legitimate sales. Although we all know that most of the time this is impossible, there is a way to hit at least a high percentage of conversion.

Coming from a marketing company that delivers all types of high intent, live insurance leads, we know that you need make sure your kitchen is inline before taking on new business. Being proactive can only benefit you and prepare you for what may occur.
What is the key to high conversion rate? There are no tricks, no hacks, only habits.

Habits that your Leads into Sales

  • Formulate a script that covers the best and worst scenarios - A good script not just aims for a sale but also has a backup plan for objections. You and your team should be able to answer the worst objections thrown your way, questions like "So what makes your product better than product x?" "Your product is so expensive!" "Not now, I'm busy." By being prepared before your actual call or meeting, you're already one step ahead.
  • The best salespeople know how to listen - I know you're itching to do your pitching, but all your hours of memorizing every scenario will all be for nothing if you don't know how to listen to your customers. A big part of your marketing game plan should involve listening and understanding your potential clients. This is how you can inject your product and service into their businesses or routines. If you can prove that your product is the solution for their woes and pains, then you're not just selling something, you're helping them out, which is better than selling. Make sure to not let them run away with conversation. You are not selling anyone if you are not controlling the conversations. When you take a live insurance leads, make to answer it "thank you for transferring, can I ask who I am speaking to? ". Good way to take control of the conversation right away.
  • Attention Grabbing Email Marketing and FAQ page
If you can only reach them via email, make sure that your email blasts are just as dynamic as your sales pitch on the phone. And because it's more difficult to convert them without being able to speak to them, lead them to your FAQ page where you can answer all their unvoiced questions and objections.
  • Set a deadline and swing the ROI carrot
If your lead is still unresponsive after several attempts to make contact then it's time to set a time limit and pull the plug. Inform them that it will be the last time you will be communicating with them and that your special offer will expire soon. This will eliminate wasting more of your precious time on a dead lead. Never throw a lead away though.
  • Be quick to call
The minute you received and verified a lead, call it quick! Studies show chances of conversion increases when you call a lead within the same minute. If you can't get through right away, set a callback schedule and follow up on those calls.
  • Simplify your ordering page
Don't make it difficult for your customers to grab hold of your product or services. Make it easy for them to acquire it online or on the phone.
Remember, there's still a small percentage of people out there who are not big on ordering online, so make your ordering page clean and easy to navigate to help entice these clients grab your deal.
If it is a landing page, optimize it so that it has the info, a submission form and a phone number.
Make a habit of accomplishing these tasks for your clients and for your business. This is not a one-shot deal, this is a never ending cycle of finding the littlest of details and tweaking them to perfection. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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