Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marketing Tips | Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Marketing Tips | Using Social Media for Insurance Lead Generation

58% of marketers have proven that social media helped them boost sales. Though measuring the ROI and actually getting leads is a struggle in social media, there's no doubt that it is something marketers wouldn't want to miss out on it.

When it comes to social media, harmony and teamwork is VERY, very important. Though social media is a very big part of it, it isn't the one that will be bringing you the sales. Your landing pages, website, and sales team need to close the deal. Social media, however, maximizes your resources while minimizing your cost.

Facebook or twitter?

The world of Social media is BIG. If you're new to it, getting lost is a possibility. The big 3 of social media are the following: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Getting started with these 3 is essential. However, getting started just for the sake of 'getting started' isn't good. Knowing your target and where to find them is a very important factor of building your social media profiles.

Pin and hashtag

Many marketers don't realize it yet, but Pinterest and Instagram are very powerful too. If you use it right and effectively, hashtags may be the best things that ever happened to your social media accounts.  You can create your on insurance agent leads with a few minutes a day.

When it comes to content, it's still all about research. What would your audience want to see? Where would they be most likely spending their bored thumbs on? Are they gonna like, love, or pin your post?  Provide high quality and consistent content. Make your mission clear, and use it like a 'theme'. Create a trademark or branding. So when people see a post, they'd know right away that it's from you without even seeing your name or even a logo.

Social media is 'Social' media

It's all about being social. Interaction is the most important part of social media. When your followers comment on your posts, reply to them. When you ran out of content ideas, ask them what they want to see. If you have new ideas or is working on a new product or service, ask their opinion. When they have questions/comments/suggestions, do your best to interact with them. It's like playing the sims, build your relationship and be friends with them day by day.

Humanize your brand

People in social media love role playing and some laugh. Interact as if you are the brand or the mascot and embody it in the letters that you type. Funny posts have more chances of re-tweets, shares, and likes. Some of the best examples for these are: 

 Don’t pitch all the time

One of the risks of using social media for lead generation is that unfollowing/unfriending is very easy. It’s just a click away. And one of the worst things you could ever do in social media is to sell and pitch upfront. Stay away from selling too much, reserve that to your landing pages.  Looking for data leads lists?

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