Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Live Transfer Leads Generation Tip - Keep track of all your Leads - Livecontactleads.com

Have you ever took a look at the sales rep next to you and just saw a pile of sticky notes or pads all scribbled on it?  You wonder, how does this guy even keep track of anyone he called or sold?  I used to work with this guy who just had pads of paper with names and emails and such.  It used to annoy me severely.

 Now, I am not an organized person by any stretch but I couldn't sit and watch the business get piled up in these papers.  I made a small suggestion to try and help him keep track of these prospects so he could do a little follow up.  His sales cycle at this point was to pitch and wait for them to come back to him if they were interested.  I would always take a glance at him and see him reading the paper.  Always gave me a chuckle.  How archaic!  So, after months of explaining the benefits of a different tracking system of his prospects and how he could make more money, he decided to give it a try.  Now I didn't suggest ACT or Sales Force.  Simple excel spreadsheet did the track.  He increased his sales by 50%.  Follow up was made easy.  Now, I grew up on ACT and used Sales Force.  Great  programs.  There are free crm tools out there, I just prefer the easy csv.

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