Thursday, September 3, 2015

Things to do Before Splurging on Advertising

Things to do Before Splurging on Advertising

Advertising your product eats up a lot of money and other resources. After all, it's no simple job to make a name, and that's what you're paying for. However, you can save a lot of money if you are to do these things in advance:

1st - Set your goals

Til when should you be pushing through? Each campaign should have its own goal. Before you even starting your campaign, you should have already visualized what's to happen if it is a success. Is it just to gather a mailing list? To make something viral? Or maybe to actually make sales? Figure it out before pulling out a dollar from you ad funds.

2nd - Is your sales team and system ready?

Let's assume that your campaign was successful. It was a blast. Is your sales team prepared to handle the customers? What if it's 10x more successful than what you perceived?
To know the answer, ask yourself these questions:
1. How much calls, e-mails, leads, etc. can your current team effectively handle in a day.
2. Is your team trained to make outbound calls? Cold calls? Live Leads?
3. At what time do you get more sales? Is your team awake during that time?

3rd - Be close to your customer

Know what is it that your customer wants and focus on it. Put your own or your company wants' aside and make sure that your customers' wants are being met. Try to model your data lists after what your perfect customer will look like.
Everything should all be about the customers and not the company. For example, an ad that says 'We're the number 1 pesticide'. What's in it for your customer? Why should they care? Do they actually care? No. How do we know what they are looking for? Simply ask.

4th - Choose your media mix

After figuring out your goal, the impact that you want, when you want it, you're finally ready to choose your channel.
TV, radio, online, social, or mobile?
Which one suits your business best? In which channel will you benefit the most?
-Television requires the highest production cost and dominates around 7pm to 12pm and usually gives great branding.
-Radio requires lower production cost, and dominates at 6AM to 6PM.
-Pay-per-click and other online ads cost are very flexible and provides 24/7 service.
-Social Media nowadays is big and therefore a great channel for looking for prospects. Most of all, you can do it yourself.
-Mobile opportunities are arising with the era of smartphones so using it as a marketing channel is good if it fits your business.

5th- Test

Testing your campaigns before fully launching them is crucial.If your tests did not provide the outcome you need, there's a big chance it's not going to work. It doesn't always  happen, but you may take it as a warning.

Conclusion - Just use common sense. It goes a long way. Don't force it. Use what you know works and test what you aren't sure.

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