Monday, September 7, 2015

The Dreaded Phone Call

The Dreaded Phone Call - Customer Service Reigns King.

Imagine having the best live leads any businessman could ever ask for, and then having fear of cold-calling. Useless, isn't it?
Cold-calling is like broccoli - it's good for your business, but not everyone loves it.
However, unlike broccoli which you can just push away from your plate, cold-calling is essential.
Calling and reaching out to your leads is the first part of relationship building, and you would want to give good impression towards them. There is a big possibility that your 'fear' of calls will reflect on your voice or the way you communicate. How do we prevent this? Here's a list of tips for successful business phone calls:

Dreaded Phone Call

1. Set Key points
What is the nature of your call? Why are you calling? Figure these things out and write them down (or memorize, if it's your thing). Try not to stray away from the list and make it short and CLEAR as possible. Nothing's worse than a pitch full of mumbles and fillers.

2. Brace yourself, questions are coming.
When a customer asks a question, that's a very good sign that she/he's interested, and you have to impress him/her with your answers. However, impressing a customer doesn't mean using big or fancy words. Impressing a customer during a call simply means answering ALL the questions confidently and correctly. When a customer asks an unrelated question, that's when you'll have to use your wit. Still, keep control of the conversation

3. Set a time frame
Being uncertain how long a call lasts is one of the reasons why we dread it. Who wants to get tied up in a phone conversation for hours? (Unless you're talking to your bff) But for a cold call, it is necessary to have an overview of the conversation.

4. Be friendly
We already know this. But aside from being so nice, being friendly also means putting yourself as part of the customer's family, team, or even self. Act as if you truly understand what they need and that you can relate to it.

5. Make Realistic Promises

When promising something to a client, make sure it is something that can be fulfilled. Empty promises are what clients hate the most. When you say you can give 50% discount, make sure it's real. Unrealistic promises not only maddens the customers, but puts you in a bad and scary position as well.

In conclusion, being proactive in life can help you achieve your sales goals. Anticipating the conversation and being prepared with all the objectives will only enhance your sales. Agent Data List can get you the data leads you need.

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