Friday, May 11, 2018

Concerning the RIP OFF REPORTS complaints recently written

We are now getting inundated with RIP OFF REPORT complaints.  We don't know these clients.  I am getting emails from reputation companies just by coincidences, looking to remove these.  We take care of any complaints in house and adjust campaigns accordingly to make them work as best as possible.   I do not comment on them.  The site itself extorts money from you if you contact them to get it removed.  I have a ton of emails from firms telling me they can get these removed.  Dirty way to do business.  Anyone can write anything online about you.  These sites make it very expensive to fight and then you have companies that want monthly fees to *try and get rid of.  Marketing is different from other businesses where our results squarely rely on your skills.  We can bring the horse to the water, but we can't always get them to drink.   

No sales system is perfect nor can everyone sell nor can every call be a grand slam.  People sometimes expect the system to sell it for them.  These are opportunities.  If you wanted a perfect lead every time, go pay $75 to $200 a lead.  Come read past reviews from our customers.  Live Leads Take a look. 

Example:  I had a client take 10 transfer and sold 2 alarm systems.  If you use it the way we say to and answer the phone they way we suggest, you can have these results too.  Let us help you out. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hate cold calling? Free Live Leads Tip - Get Live Health Insurance Leads from Live Contact Leads - YouTube

If you have a call center selling health insurance plans, you need to call us now! With premiums set to rise 15% to as high as 91% and I've heard place having a 300% increase due to bc leaving the area. These people will need to new short term plans coming out. Prepare for all the changes that you need with your marketing with us. Our success is your success. Get your phones ringing off the hook with high intent, health insurance live leads. Call us today! #healthinsuranceleads #callcenterhealthinsuranceplanliveleads #liveleads