Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Press Release: Live Sales Leads by Live Contact Leads

Live Contact Leads Now Provides a Turn Key Marketing Solutions That Can Help Businesses Grow

Live Contact Leads now is taking small business to the next level with their live transfer leads campaigns, a turn key marketing offensive that will stream live prospects to your phones. Live Contact Leads has been helping small businesses for over 5 years achieve their sales goals, one customer at a time.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Live Final Expense Leads still closing over 20% for some of our clients.

Live Contact Leads is one of the front runners in the final expense leads industry.  We have an extremely high percentage of agents who come back time after time.  Why?  Because we get you live seniors on the phone looking for a quote in real time.  We have final expense agents that close anywhere from 5% all the up to 20% and above.  Not only do they have a high closing but these are the most cost effective final expense leads starting at $3.75 per final expense lead.  See the testimonial I got today from a customer below.

--------- Original Message ---------
Subject: Results you asked for
From: "Frank B******" <>
Date: 1/6/14 9:30 am

Morning Michael, 
I wanted to let you know that our sales team had 33 appointments off of the 100 transfers so far and closed 18 of them already.  There are still a few closable leads there and another 100 live transfers left to take!  Great leads Michael.  We will be doing much larger package next time around.  
Frank B*******
B***** Financial Products

It still blows me away that we get these type of emails.  It really works!  Final Expense Leads This could be you.  Call us today!

Best Regards,
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