Saturday, February 23, 2013

Live Lead Generation Tip - Never Throw a Lead Away

Leads are an important part of a business.  Weather your reps cold calls or get inbound calls, organization is an important part of the sales process.  There are so many programs out there to help you with this.  The most important part of a CRM is the ability to schedule follow ups.  Nothing like walking into work and all your call backs are there to be called.  I have used all different types of CRMs.  There is a few I like and not really any I dislike.  They are all very important because it gives you help with closing your live leads.  How?  Follow up.  Whether it be a phone call or an email.  I feel staying in front of them is the most important.  Here is a great question.  When do you let the lead go?  For 4 years of working Lead Generation, I haven't let any go that haven't said to stop calling you.  For example, I had a roofer finally buy from us when the first time we spoke was 9/24/2011.  Proved to myself not throw a lead away.

Best Regards,
Michael Bendett - President
Live Contact Leads 
Live Contact Leads