Saturday, November 4, 2017

Don't Let Your Travel Insurance Company Deny Your Claim

Travel insurance company

Most people have heard horror stories of how travel insurance companies deny people’s claims.  It makes it hard for people to believe in them and view travel insurance companies as a scam. The answer is that the travel insurance is legit but there are vital things you need to understand to avoid becoming a victim in the horror stories.

Generally, travel insurance is a good type of insurance and having to pay a reasonable premium amount means good insurance. Travel insurance is a good way of protecting you from potential cost of any emergencies like medical emergency which might have crippling costs. However, it is all dependent on the insurance company when it comes to payment of the claims. The payout rate of the claims is highly guarded, and there is some evidence that it’s true the insurance companies pay the claims.

There are various ways you can use to make sure your claim is paid without having to involve lawyers and extra costs. You need to have in mind that insurance policy is a legal contract. It is vital to read through the policy and understands what it entails before signing up for it. There are some exclusions and the contract lists them and therefore important to go through the policy to understand what is offered and what not.

It is important to answer the medical questions appropriately and if need be consult a physician or a pharmacist when filling that part. Before buying your insurance, talk to your insurance company about your pre-existing condition such as heart conditions, recent changes in medication as most plans cover stable and controlled conditions. However, it is advisable to read and understand how the policy defines stable and controlled.

It is also vital to notify your insurance company of any medical changes before the policy is affected because some health changes might render your coverage as invalid. When denied a claim, fight for it. The insurer owes you an explanation especially when you have clearly and well completed the policy application. Ask for the contravening insurance policy parts and have it in writing and if they fail to listen to your appeal, a lawyer might as well help you. 

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