Thursday, October 5, 2017

Call Me Maybe? How to Attract More Calls from Clients

A customer is considered as the biggest asset in a company or a business and therefore their communication and relationship nurturing should be a priority. There are various ways in which a business can enhance communications with potential customers such as the callback in 25 seconds strategy. In such a scenario, the potential clients enter their phone number on the widget. The live Call then connects the customer and the sales manager automatically in a single line. All this happens in a few seconds making sure the business captures all potential customers giving higher chances of closing deals.

It is important to note that a business has a potential of getting clients all over the world and therefore important to enhance free international calls.  Also, in an attempt to curb the risk of incurring high calling bills, a customer can leave their number and receive a free call back from the business. Another way of attracting clients is turning on the notification on your website and getting to know the clients that have intentions to exit. Livecall tracts such visitors and enables automated callback in 25 seconds. 

It is essential to create a mobile-friendly website such that every potential client who uses a Smartphone or tablet can be able to access your website without any problems.  Switching to out of office mode is another way of attracting clients where there is a collection of numbers of potential after working hours. The sales managers are automatically connected to them, once they get back to the office. 

Connecting Facebook lead ads with Livecall is another efficient way of attracting more calls from potential clients.  The software automatically connects your company sales team with clients who leave their contacts where the integration takes around two minutes only. 

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