Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Understanding What Motivates Your Customers by Live Contact Leads

In today's digital world where statistics and demographics rule, why not stand out from the crowd and be the guy who just don't rely on numbers. Be the guy who goes beyond what number stand for and "dive deeper" into his client’s realm.
You can connect with your audience, your potential clients, and develop relationships when you find out what are your clients desires and frustrations.
These triggers will let you know what motivates your audience.

Live Contact Leads

Here's a secret, the best blogs out there don't just provide help to their audience , they also leave their mark, their brand  on their audience when they leave. So that when they’re in their place of business or work, when something comes up along your niche, you’ll be in their top-of-mind.  
Let's face it, insurance sales marketing is all about the never ending process of building relationships that will help strengthen your business. It's about touching base with the right people that will form your community, instead of just your pool of clients. And the only way for you to really understand your customers and what motivates them is to bond with them.
Here are some quick tips on how to build long-term relationships with your audience:
  • Your audience IS people - they're not just your rankings, stats, or followers.  Engage with them in the same manner you would engage the president of the country or a homeless person.
  • Honesty is the best policy - Long lasting relationships are built on trust. So be a credible source online. Be the go-to guy if they want an honest- to-goodness  opinion or information on whatever niche you're in.
  • Always give them value - Your audience will happily come back when they know you provide them value every time they hop into your site.
  • Get the pulse of your audience - set up a monthly or weekly poll so you’re always in the loop of where you’re audience is gearing to.
  • Don’t forget the magical powers of a sincere “I’m sorry,” “thank you” and “happy birthday”  - all great relationships need them.  

Enjoy building your relationships online and in real life. There are no shortcuts. This is the only way to get a pulse on what motivates your customers or potential clients. Remember, when they grow in their relationship with you, you do too. Avoid using them for your advantage or taking them for granted, that goal is a dead-end street, so get off that kind of mindset.

There is no such thing as a self-made businessman who did not rely on collaboration with other successful people. But their relationships go beyond business relationships, they go to ballgames and other social events together, sometimes with their families in tow.

Building relationships is a slow process, you don’t grow relationships overnight. And it can be even more difficult in the virtual world when you don’t know who you are connecting with. But if you invest enough time and effort to get to know our audience, you’ll be surprised at the results.

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