Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What is Covered on a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy?

General commercial liability policy covers a business against financial loss in case of property damages, adverting or personal injuries caused by your employees or your business operations. There are situations that could make your business responsible for various costs such as client’s accidents in your business premises, employee’s negligence when working for a client causing damages to their homes or properties and giving misleading information to the public through advertisements.

This kind of insurance policy covers:
  •  Bodily injuries and property damage arising as a result of negligence in your business.
  •  It covers the insured against offenses related to advertisements and personal injuries such as slander, wrongful entry or evasion, malicious prosecution, libel, or use of other people’s advertising ideas among others.
  •  Medical expenses for non-employees which do not necessarily require legal action. It covers from the hospital, ambulance, nursing or even funeral expenses for the injured or killed persons in your business premises.
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