Monday, August 14, 2017

Car Insurance for Low-Millage Users

There are  a few  things  that  you must be  aware  of when it  come  to you  securing  a  car  insurance  for low  mileage. It is  important to understand  that  the  insurer  will  need the verified odometer  readings  of  your  vehicle every  year billing  you on a  monthly  basis in respect  to the distance  covered  by  your  car. There  is  also  the  possibility of  you  receiving a discount  in the  event  that  you  have  been  a loyal customer  with low  mileage or  you   have  not been  involved in any form of  accidents.

Those  that  maintain a mileage  of 6,000  miles  annually  are entitled to a  reduced  discount  on the rates  of the  insurance  policy by  close  to 2%.There  are    few  ways  in which  you  can  obtain  less expensive   car insurance  policies. These  ways  include  the  use  of pay  as you drive  which can result  in you saving up to 25% or  more in the event  that you  are a careful driver. The  other  option  is making use  of the  pay per mile  car insurance which  might  result  in you  saving close to 45% if you are a careful driver. It  is  important  to note  that  for  you  to qualify  for  any  auto insurance  discount, you have  to  take  the  initial initiative and  ask  for the discount  yourself.

There  are  various  types  of  low mileage discounts  that  most   car  owner  are  not  aware  of that  are  mostly  applicable  to those  drivers  who  cut  down their  mileage  by  working  from  their  homes. The  reason that  most  insurance  companies   offer  car  insurance  policies at  a  higher  rate to  high  mileage  drivers  is  due  to the  fact  that  high mileage  drivers  are  more  likely  to be involved  in  accidents  as  opposed  to low  mileage  drivers. Most  car  insurance  companies  consider three  factors  when it  comes  to  the  setting  of the  minimum rates, these  factors  include, ones  driving  experience, the safety  record  of  a driver and  the  mileage  covered  by  a driver. It  is  wrong  to  present false readings of  your  speedometer to  an  insurance  company  as this might  cause  you  to lose you  insurance  policy  and  be  blacklisted.

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