Monday, December 5, 2016

Exclusive Live Transfer Debt Leads

Exclusive debt leads are not shared with any other company, and some providers go ahead to brand the leads with your business name. The problem that has been experienced in this field is the reselling of exclusive leads as a way of taking shortcuts when making money. This problem is enhanced by the fact that a large number of Americans is growing into debt thus the rush by debt consultants to help them.

Live transfer debt Telemarketing is a method used to curb this problem but has not permanently fixed the situation. Exclusive debt settlement leads generation is not a standalone process.  Calls are made to borrowers, businesses, homeowners and many other prospects, and if they do not qualify due to their financial status, they are turned into exclusive leads and are live transferred to an agent.

Depending on different aspects such as demographic, exclusivity and criteria filters, you could purchase a lead ranging from $15 to $65. An essential element to look out for is exclusivity to make sure your leads are not contacted by other debt consultants. These private debt leads are generated through telemarketing and live transferred to your office where you can follow up and make conversions.

Exclusive live transfer  leads serve to reassure the debt consultant that the prospect meets the requirements and are transferred to you to take a follow-up and close sale.  The most important and beneficial thing is that they are already interested and therefore makes it easier to make conversions. 

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