Thursday, May 8, 2014

Medicare Supplement Leads and Medicare Supplement Sales Tips

Live Contact Lead's medicare supplement leads targets seniors in certain desired areas, get's them interested in saving money on their medicare supplement and then live transfers them to your phones for you to pitch, in real time.

We are always looking for call centers or brokers or individual agents to take these live leads.  They are one of our best performing campaigns we run, second to final expense.  

We are experiencing 1 out of 3 calls to run over 5 min length.  Compare that to an internet lead. Wait, you have to get them on the phone first.  We weigh the success of these campaigns with residual business.  Med Sup is one of our biggest residual business earners.  

Med Supplement Sales Tips:

Tip #1 - Don’t ask if it’s a good time to talk, instead state how long the call will last and then stick to it. 
Tip #2 - Make sure you call your prospect by their first name and give your name clearly to them, 
avoiding your company name unless it is noteworthy. 
Tip #3 - You must show respect for your prospect’s time. Once you’ve reached the end of your initial 
time you can ask if they would like to continue to talk about their Medicare Supplement needs or if 
you should reschedule. 
Tip #4 - It is important to ask open-ended questions, use a person’s first name rather than their last 
Tip #5 – You should use descriptive words and stories to tell your prospect why they should purchase 
a Medicare Supplement by Phone from you. 
Tip #6 - Also, be sure to watch your facial expressions while prospecting Medicare Supplements by 
Phone, it is amazing how they translate over the phone line; and, add energy to your phone calls by 
standing up or sitting with good posture as your tone will come off as more enthusiastic. 
Tip #7 -Once you complete the call be sure to summarize the key benefits to your potential client that 
you made in order to clear up any confusion. Then, once your summary is complete, allow your 
prospect to have the final comment or question.

Medicare supplement leads

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