Friday, January 31, 2014

Live Contact Leads- A Professional Lead Generation Company

Live Contact Leads is a professional live leads generation company.  We can send live leads to your telephone when you want them.

Don't let the others fool you.  Live Contact Leads provides quality leads with superior service.  We see your campaigns through, service your account during and request feedback to see if adjustments to your campaign is needed.  No other live leads generation company does that.  

We just spoke to someone who states they sent payment into to another live leads vendor who advertises heavily and hasn't gotten access (5 days) to their account or even gotten a call back from their phone calls.  This irritates us because it gives the live leads generation industry a bad name.

We Provide:

Insurance Live Leads
Final Expense Live Leads
Annuity Live Leads
Mortgage Live Leads
Tax Debt Live Leads
Health, Life, Auto Live Leads
Debt Live Leads
SEO Live Leads
Business Loan Live Leads
Home Security Live Leads
Business Live Leads

Each live leads campaign is customization to fit the needs of your business. We have this down to a science. Let us know what you are doing, the area in which you are looking to do business in, including data parameters and your phone number to be transfer the live leads to and we will have you getting live leads within 2-3 days.  

Contact Live Contact Leads for your live leads and see whose live transfer leads really works.  

Call Now: 866-256-6348

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