Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Security Live Transfer Leads!

Home security gets an acquisition costs of $50 to $100 per installed system with our lead generation program.  All you need is a phone and 1 rep or 100 reps.  We can fulfill any size order.  We will flood you with live transfers.  25% of the call will go over 5 minutes in length and half those should turn into applications.  I will work with you on how to answer these calls.  This is marketing made easy.  You can track the call logs through our web-based interface, all calls are recorded.  Do a small test, you will be satisfied in increasing your profits 3 fold.

Best Regards,

Michael Bendett 
Live Contact Leads
5645 Coral Ridge Dr. Suite #128
Coral Springs, FL 33076 
ph 866-256-6348 ext. 101   | fax 866-256-6295

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking for home security leads. This blog was very helpful to my search. Thanks.